Watch It Burn 


    I’m Sick

    I’m sick, and I’ll always be sick

    A parasite, festering inside

    A bloated and protruding stomach


    This is what will kill me.

    A simple bacteria with a

    High sex drive


    Multiplying and now it’s visible

    I can feel it riding up my throat

    No where else to go but out


    And I will just sit here, waiting

    As it cries out to be fed

    “I will starve you” I say.


    I smile, an evil look in my eye

    It has taken over me

    It has sucked all of my energy


    And here I will wait.

    Upon this hill,

    Nervously twirling my hair.


    This is where I will die.

    This is where I’ll end my time.

    With no one here except the bugs,


    Eating me from the inside out.

    Wondering when my last breath will be.

    Is it now?


    As it takes over and consumes my heart,

    And takes over my brain,

    For the first time I’m not afraid.

    Hope The Brightness Finds Itself In You.

    You were meant for greatness
    But you’re not really sure what that means
    Which side will takeover?
    Which side will succeed?

    Will it be the side that you favour?
    The one that gleams.
    Or will it be the side that scares you?
    When your eyes turn green.

    The side that you fear feels oddly comfortable.
    It’s always there for you when you stumble.
    You like the darkness and its spontaneity.
    The way it  wraps you in its harsh melody.
    But that’s the side you know you will regret.

    So you hope the brightness finds itself in you.
    Letting the light take control.
    Trying desperately to hold.
    The light seems more flimsy.
    It flickers.
    While the darkness sticks around grimly.
    Coating everything,
    in a satisfying blanket of black.
    The only question is;
    Can you go back?


    I’m nothing,
    I’m air,
    let me blow away.
    You can’t hold me anyway,
    so let me blow away.

    I’m air,
    so I don’t think you should care.
    Why don’t you let me blow away?

    I’m nothing, and I
    don’t want to do this anymore
    so please open up the door
    and let me blow away.

    I don’t want to make noise.
    I want to leave as silently as I came,
    no you’re not the one to blame.
    It’s me, it’s my shame.

    I’m nothing,
    I’m air,
    So let me blow away.



    I was nominated by Benedict Nicholson to do a freestyle writing challenge. The prompt word was skin. This was really fun it is definitely not my best work but I’ve been in a writing slump recently so this challenge has helped me out! 🙂

    You take me
    You carry me
    You enrapture me
    And you trap me

    I didn’t ask for this
    This mortality
    I long to be free
    I long for the pain
    To dissipate

    I wonder why
    Why this?
    Why couldn’t there
    be no physical case to cage me in?
    Sometimes, I think life would
    be better this way

    However, the body is more poetic
    Being able to be imperfect
    and to have challenges to push us
    it allows us to work on ourselves
    to better ourselves

    Without this case of skin,
    Without the flow of blood,
    And without the structure of our bones
    there would be no pain.

    Without the difficulties there would be no redemption
    And I wouldn’t appreciate laughter as much
    without visualizing the crinkle of
    your nose and the gleam of your teeth.
    I wouldn’t fully enjoy a kiss without
    your lips and I think that would be a sin.
    So you’ve helped me fully appreciate my skin.

    Time: 7:45
    Word Count: 160


    Hello, Dead Eyes.

    Hello, dead eyes.
    You’re not doing well.
    The darkness is inside,
    I’m surprised you couldn’t tell.

    Hello, tired eyes.
    You know you cannot hide.
    Sleep, you will find.
    The monsters will have their time.

    Hello, restless eyes.
    Your stares will not be denied.
    The beast is not kind.
    Try not to lose your mind.

    Hello, beautiful eyes.
    You’re now in your prime.
    How vain you are cannot be defined.
    Your stars will never align.

    Hello, soulful eyes.
    Out of the dozen you’re the dime.
    You cannot be confined.
    You help us unwind.

    Hello, caring eyes.
    You’re the one that binds.
    That love is hard to find.
    Only your eyes shine.