Oh, The Places She’ll Go!

She liked places with a historical ruggedness

you can’t really describe.

She liked places with that sort of vibe that said:

“Hey, I’m not your average place

and I might not be that easy on the eyes

but sit down and make yourself at home

and to be in here there is no dress code.”

She liked places that attracted all kinds

from your uptight suit and tie types

to your tie dye, dreadlocks, music loving

soul pumping, I won’t be ignored types.

She liked places that stretched her mind.

Places that made her think.

Storytelling places, places that were wise,

where she could learn about the places she’s

never been to before but always wanted to go.

She liked places that changed her

Places that moulded her into someone more aware of her surroundings.

Someone who cares about people from all walks of life.

Everywhere she goes she searches for those places.

The places that greet you with a smile and tell you to take a load off.

The places that talk your ear off about fascinating subjects

that you have never heard of before.

She’s always looking for places with relevance.

Places that make your drinks cold and your heart warm.

She likes places that are filled with laughter

and people with a sense of adventure.

Places that loved and accepted you before meeting you.

She likes places that never leave you out of the cold.

Places that make you feel like home.


Standing In The Rain

It’s funny how fast emotions can change. One day it’s raining outside and you don’t have an umbrella and the next day it’s sunny with a light breeze. Or maybe it’s still raining but it doesn’t seem as bad. It’s raining but you have a smile on your face.
You let the drops hit you and glide down your cheeks and neck, they are cold, but you feel warm inside. You don’t let the rain affect you anymore, you choose to have a good day because you are stronger now than you have ever been before. And the cold drops that used to weigh you down just slide off you now.

Silent Child

Do you know why I never talked as a kid?

It was because when I was young I was never told my thoughts were important

I was never praised for the words that surpassed my lips

And as a result I always sat at the back of the room

listening, silent, invisible

No one ever knew what I was thinking

Since no one ever asked I didn’t think anyone wanted to know

As a kid I was shoved into a little box of silence and was sentenced there for life

But one day I gained an ounce of courage and I broke out of that box

and I chose to be me Continue reading “Silent Child”

When We Kissed..

When we kissed there was just something missing,

it wasn’t a bad kiss and he wasn’t a bad kisser but it lacked passion.

It was lifeless like I was kissing the wall and his personality was like wallpaper

so I guess it fits.

I’m looking for that spark,

my twin soul,

the one,

That person the universe created me for

One day fate decided that yes, these two need each other.

Fate would say “I made her so she could be with him.” Continue reading “When We Kissed..”


I have recently just gotten out of a relationship and a few nights ago I sat down and this came out! This is a poem about the relationship and more specifically about relationships where one person is holding on but the other person is wanting other things. So here it is! I hope you enjoy it!

It wasn’t even a week ago

Since you were sitting next to me

Confessing how much we love each other so

Fast forward a few days

My heart ran away

Not to some other guy

But so it could find its true place

I know it was sudden- from day to night Continue reading “Breakups”

My View on Negativity

I read a story once. It was in my drivers ed class about a transport truck driver who was driving on the highway one day and he saw on the opposite side of the road a car that had pulled over and needed help. He was so focused on that car and contemplating in his mind whether he should help this person or keep driving that he ended up drifting toward the car.

As you probably know that when you stare at something while driving you will start steering towards that object.

Anyway the truck driver ended up crashing into the car that was on the other side of the road killing the woman inside. How crazy is that that he crossed over nearly two lanes and ran right into the car that he was contemplating helping and when he noticed what he was doing it was too late.

Now I’m going to compare this story to life and more specifically positivity and negativity. This story reminds me a lot about life. What you focus on in life is what you will end up with. If you focus on the negative things in life you will look back on your life and realize you didn’t live it to your full potential because you were negative and that means you attract negative situations and negative people. This is why it is important to stay positive no matter what because positive things will always be happening around you. It is so important to focus on positive things and to integrate positive people into your life. Honestly I would not have wanted to look back on my life knowing I could have been so much more but I doubted myself. This is one of the reasons why I started my blog. I am going to stop doubting myself before I start things. I am worth so much more than that. And so are you!