I have recently just gotten out of a relationship and a few nights ago I sat down and this came out! This is a poem about the relationship and more specifically about relationships where one person is holding on but the other person is wanting other things. So here it is! I hope you enjoy it!

It wasn’t even a week ago

Since you were sitting next to me

Confessing how much we love each other so

Fast forward a few days

My heart ran away

Not to some other guy

But so it could find its true place

I know it was sudden- from day to night

I had no answers I just had to go

So I walked away leaving your questions unanswered

I am sorry to say you weren’t the one

Not that you were wrong you just weren’t right

Ill be honest, you did treat me well

but I didn’t want to be yours while I was stuck in my shell

I needed to discover who I really am and find where i fit in

So please don’t be sad,

because it wasn’t meant to be

I just knew that I couldn’t let you marry me

I’m sorry but I need to say this

I know it to be true

But I do not love you

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