Silent Child

Do you know why I never talked as a kid?

It was because when I was young I was never told my thoughts were important

I was never praised for the words that surpassed my lips

And as a result I always sat at the back of the room

listening, silent, invisible

No one ever knew what I was thinking

Since no one ever asked I didn’t think anyone wanted to know

As a kid I was shoved into a little box of silence and was sentenced there for life

But one day I gained an ounce of courage and I broke out of that box

and I chose to be me

I chose to make people listen

Because I have something important to say

We All Do

It only takes one person to change the world

So don’t be quiet because that person could be you

That one person who was meant to change the world is you

All those years of dreaming are going to become reality

as long as you keep fighting for it

And never stop

10 thoughts on “Silent Child

  1. Hope you never decide to be silent again. You have provided many insightful and enlightening words on your blog. I have very much enjoyed wandering through it this evening… Looking forward to spending much more time here… Thank you so much for sharing with us…
    Have a beautiful evening…

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Michael! I’m glad you enjoyed my site! I really liked your writing as well! Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts! I hope you have a beautiful evening as well! You made my night!

  2. I’m sure so many people can relate…great post. It definitely encouraged me to continue to express myself more.

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