Standing In The Rain

It’s funny how fast emotions can change. One day it’s raining outside and you don’t have an umbrella and the next day it’s sunny with a light breeze. Or maybe it’s still raining but it doesn’t seem as bad. It’s raining but you have a smile on your face.
You let the drops hit you and glide down your cheeks and neck, they are cold, but you feel warm inside. You don’t let the rain affect you anymore, you choose to have a good day because you are stronger now than you have ever been before. And the cold drops that used to weigh you down just slide off you now.

3 thoughts on “Standing In The Rain

  1. This is beautiful. And true indeed , because a lot of us can have a smile but feel like we’re in a storm. Some ties we have good days and some time we have bad days.. I think the key for me is announcing how I’m feeling so that no one gets inn the

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