Oh, The Places She’ll Go!

She liked places with a historical ruggedness

you can’t really describe.

She liked places with that sort of vibe that said:

“Hey, I’m not your average place

and I might not be that easy on the eyes

but sit down and make yourself at home

and to be in here there is no dress code.”

She liked places that attracted all kinds

from your uptight suit and tie types

to your tie dye, dreadlocks, music loving

soul pumping, I won’t be ignored types.

She liked places that stretched her mind.

Places that made her think.

Storytelling places, places that were wise,

where she could learn about the places she’s

never been to before but always wanted to go.

She liked places that changed her

Places that moulded her into someone more aware of her surroundings.

Someone who cares about people from all walks of life.

Everywhere she goes she searches for those places.

The places that greet you with a smile and tell you to take a load off.

The places that talk your ear off about fascinating subjects

that you have never heard of before.

She’s always looking for places with relevance.

Places that make your drinks cold and your heart warm.

She likes places that are filled with laughter

and people with a sense of adventure.

Places that loved and accepted you before meeting you.

She likes places that never leave you out of the cold.

Places that make you feel like home.

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