The Journey Of The Boy To Her Heart

loveromanticcutecouplekissingwallpapers2She is lost and he found her. He reached inside and found a home inside her soul. He climbed over all her walls with ease, almost like he had created this world inside her himself. But in fact he did not create those walls, the harshness of the world forced her to grow cold. The carelessness of all the boys and men in her life that did her wrong hardened her heart and sharpened her tongue so no one would dare take on the challenge of really getting to know her.

Until he showed up. These two were attracted to each other like a moth to a flame. It was undeniable. His love for her was limitless. The journey to her heart was long and the world inside her was intricate. Filled with defence mechanisms that could render the strongest and bravest men speechless and paralyzed. But he knew somehow how to disable all of her traps before falling into them. And when he climbed over that last wall and reached her heart, frozen but still beating, he had to stop and stare. He thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The thick hard layer of ice that surrounded her heart looked like a diamond. It was so stunning that he couldn’t look away. At that moment he realized that he would never regret that long treacherous journey to her heart.

So he gathered up some wood, took out his matches, and lit a fire underneath her heart. Slowly the ice started to melt. He grew more and more hopeful with every drop. And for a couple of days he waited. On the third day he saw her open her eyes and smile. This smile was different because the happiness she felt seemed to radiate from her. The love that she now allowed herself to feel poured out of her now thawed heart.

His loyalty and patience was unwavering. He had known he loved her the second he saw her and he knew he would never be the same. He showed her how to love. Her heart is now warm because he found her.

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