Your Mind is My Playground

Your mind is my playground. I slide down your thoughts. Some steeper than others. I teeter totter on your emotions, while they go up and down. I play tag with your opinions. Not always agreeing but when I get caught I understand. I run freely through the jungle gym in your mind. And I have for awhile now. I know you like I know the seasons. And each time I climb I get a little higher. As I gain your trust I become more familiar with the world inside your head that is you.

Your mind is like my playground. Filled with excitement and surprises I would never expect. It keeps me on edge. Like going through a haunted house. The thrill you seek when things jump out at you – the laughter and the screams. Inside your mind are the words of the ghosts of the people that have hurt you and the people that have helped you. It’s heart melting and heart breaking at the same time, being inside your mind. The words of the people that have hurt you I want to silence. I want to rid you of the pain they have caused. Or at least make them quieter like a whisper so that you can barely hear them so you forget about the pain they have caused. I want to turn up the volume on everything that has made you happy. Every compliment, every accomplishment, every time you laughed and every time you felt like this whole life thing is going to workout all right. If I could I would make your life one happy ending that never ended.

Your mind is my playground. When I’m tired of running, climbing, swinging. I go to your happy place and rest there. It is underneath a giant willow tree with birds chirping and a light breeze brushing against your smiling face. It is where many animals come to rest because of the immense calm they feel at this spot. A baby dear lays its head on my knee as you play gentle music from your acoustic guitar and we all just listen to the peace and serenity that is your mind. With the sun setting we all close our eyes to crickets and owls, sounds of the night. Knowing we won’t get much sleep because of your nightmares. Yes, I know that too.

Your mind is my playground. I’m awake, you’re still asleep. I see your nightmare unfold in front of me. The clown from IT is coming after you and you’re screaming. I told you not to watch that movie. You don’t do well with scary things. And all I can do is watch and hold your hand to comfort you. As the clown gets closer, too close for you to bear you wake up. As the clown disappears in front of my eyes, you sit up, heavily breathing and grateful to realize that it was just a dream. With a slight grin on your face knowing that I was right, you lay back down and close your eyes. We are back under the willow tree and I hold you until your mind calms down so you can fall back to sleep.

Your mind is like my playground. I know everything. Trust me I do. I was there for it all. I can see your whole life played in front of me by the projector screen in your mind. Yes, I know. I know about the time you cried because someone stole the homemade cookies from your lunchbox when you were 4. I know how good you felt when you scored the winning goal in soccer against your arch enemy, Tony Griffon, when you were 7. I I know about when your mother ran out on you and your family when you were 10. You cried yourself to sleep for 3 months. I’ve seen on the screen the time when you had your first kiss at 15. You look back at that moment in fondness at just how awkward it was. And I know your exact emotions when we locked eyes for the first time. Because I was feeling the same way too. And ever since then, your mind has been my playground.

5 thoughts on “Your Mind is My Playground

  1. I quite enjoyed this. The examples defining the mind being like a playground, were well received on my end. In other words, I traveled along this story with your words. Quite a good read indeed.

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