The New and The Old

The new, clinging to the old like that’s all there is. Us clinging to friendships that we made in high school. Forgetting, forgetting that we were only friends with most of them because we had limited options.

Sometimes I think it’s best to let go of the old because we are new. We are the next generation in line to grow up. We should be filled with hope and dreams but instead we cling to one drunken night after the other with the same people we have been drinking with since we were 16. I think it’s time to let go. To explore.

I’m not saying abandon all your friends but you’re tired of the scenery anyway. And let’s be honest, many of them bore you to death now, why don’t they interest you anymore like they did in high school? Well maybe you aren’t the same person anymore. And together you aren’t the same gangly, awkward group with the constant laughs that you could hear down the hallway. Now the laughs are more forced then ever and you are tired of pretending.

Now it’s like they don’t get you, and you don’t feel the need to explain it to them. So maybe you have made up your mind already. You. You’re looking for something amazing that you can’t find here. So go. Your talents aren’t being recognized. And your needs are no longer being met. You don’t even remember what satisfaction feels like anymore.


So as you start to pull away they start to look at you with an expression on their faces that you only assume is confusion. And you are trying to do it gently because the last thing you want to do is hurt them. They stuck by you through everything. A lot of the hardest times for you were in high school and they never left your side. They were there for every birthday party and for every good and bad memory that came with them. They were there when you had your first sip of alcohol. They were there when you got so drunk you fell down the stairs in front of everyone at the party. They held your hand when you had your first heart break and the first time you realized that life isn’t going to be fair for anyone.

What they don’t realize is that what’s best for them may not be what’s best for you and even though it’s hard, letting go is the best option for you. Change is the only way you are going to reach your full potential. So runaway and be great.

7 thoughts on “The New and The Old

  1. Great post! I did this in the best way possible by moving countries and the people who stay in touch are the ones worth holding onto. Everyone else can go! Your post really made me think 🙂

  2. Really great post, Bianca.
    I really like how you describe the process of growing up and ultimately growing apart from those who we used to hold dear 🙂

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