We Were Like Fire

I remember it being fun at first. But the laughter ended as quickly as it came. We were like fire. We were amazing when we got along. Feeding off of each other, the happiness kept escalating. And the fire inside us continued to grow.

You were an extension of me. We had an intense bond that neither of us had ever experienced before. We had only ever been in contact with ice and water, so when we met we couldn’t contain the flames that reached out for the other. We wanted to feel something, anything that felt remotely like love. But we were both mistaken. Nothing that burns you is anything close to the love we craved. But we were so young and naive that no one could have told us that. Because all we saw was each other.

As the heat became too much to bear we started to see the ugliness within ourselves. The fire was uncontrollable and we had no means to put it out. Once we started we couldn’t stop. There was this need we had for the other that we didn’t want anymore.

We started hating each other and the journey we had unknowingly created.

Wishing for it to end and wishing for you to never leave was the constant battle going on within my mind. You were everything to me but we were toxic together. No one has ever seen two people so in love and so hostile towards each other at the same time.

And as sudden as the laughter disappeared you were gone. Maybe someone put you out, because we both know that I wasn’t able to tame you and our fire. I couldn’t even keep my flames from burning everyone around me. The one person I knew I couldn’t burn was you. We were the same. You could handle the insane heat that came from inside me. My body was an inferno and yours was the sun. And now you aren’t in sight. Did you get too close to the ice? Or maybe you were able to spread out somewhere else, away from me. Maybe you got bored with not being able to burn me and you wanted to have that rush again. See, we were made for destruction. You and I. And now you have left the only person that will ever know you. And maybe that’s why you left. You were scared of that person that you are. And you hated being reminded of the anger inside you because you saw yourself in me.

I’m just a little flame now, unable to grow any larger because you’re no longer here to feed the fire. I’m standing, alone, in the ashes that we created.

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