Running In, Running Out

The tide runs in as you run out.

Your feet scampering along the wet sand

imprinting your little feet into it,

only to get washed away by the tide

Running in, running out.

The waves create a loud booming sound

as they hit the shore.

Running in, running out.

Your laughter, dancing along the wind

produces a beautiful harmony in the crisp fall air.

Your hands filled with wet sand

as you squeeze your fingers together and release,

the sand falls to the ground where it belongs.

You wipe your sandy palms against your dress.

You smile at me cheekily.

Running in, running out.

Your infectious spirit skips to the nearest seashell,

as the next wave makes the bottom of your dress wet.

You scream at the unexpected coldness on your small feet.

Your golden tendrils get caught in the harsh winds.

You chase the wave as it depletes from the shore.

Running in, running out.

My soul longs for the childlike wonder that you possess.

Your youthfulness,

The hope you bring for better days.

Running in, running out.

3 thoughts on “Running In, Running Out

  1. When my dad passed away, I thought about him as a child and how limitless his dreams were and how big the world seemed. I feel like it’s so important to go back every so often and remember how innocent and beautiful everything was! I love this poem – thank you!

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