Trapped In Love

I don’t think you realized how long forever is. Do you regret it? Do you regret letting those words ever touch your lips? Because I do. Not because I didn’t mean it. I would have pulled out my whole heart to give to you so you would know how much of my heart you have.

I regret saying forever because now I’m trapped in the confines of your brain. I realized you never truly loved me like your words portrayed. I was only cared for in the mind. As something that sounded like a good idea at the time. You relentlessly kept me there as if out of resentment towards me for loving you so completely.

The shame takes over my body now. Knowing that you will never love me but I will foolishly follow you to the ends of the earth. Let me out. Unlock the door so I can be free. You’ve tricked me and now I’m onto you but I need a release. Get the key. Your brain is an emotionless place where I feel like I’ve been buried alive and you keep piling the dirt on. Tears stream down my face as I yell “Stop! This is enough. Forever is over. I’m the only one who can decide my life.”

But you couldn’t hear me drowning in the mountain of dirt you buried me in. So I’m still trapped, begging for freedom. Searching for another way out of your heartless mind. Maybe it was me who didn’t know how long forever was. Because now I am suffocating in forever with you.

11 thoughts on “Trapped In Love

  1. Sometimes I wonder about the constraints of forever as well. It’s odd the way love can evolve. Sometimes, the evolution leads us away from those we thought would forever be in our hearts, other times it pushes us closer – even as the other person’s evolution pushes them away from us.

    Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Unable to get out because you went too deep? I know the feeling. Moving on from someone is probably one of the hardest things in life that some people seem all too good at whilst others just can’t understand what went wrong. As I’ve noticed already, beautifully tragic, those two words sum this up perfectly.

  3. Two perspectives on the word “forever” that tug at the heartstrings of any person who has been in and out of love. A short piece that contains so much emotion. Lovely. Just lovely.

  4. I loved this, I too share the idea that a work of fiction about love doesn’t necessarily has to be “happy”. Love is to complex to be reduced by that.
    Beautifully written! I’m following you. (:

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