My Body Is Mine

My body is mine.
You don't get to touch me.
There is no conquering needed.
You don't get to take over.
You're never drunk enough to justify 
grabbing me and having your way with me.
Because it's mine.
My body is mine.
Just because I'm the physically weaker 
one you can't use me.
I'm a human being, not an object.
And you are not an animal.
So you should be able to control yourself.
Because it's mine.
My body is mine.
Yes, I wore a short dress but 
if I don't say yes 
you don't get to use my 
clothing as an excuse to rape me.
To touch me, to ignore my plea's when I yell
"stop" and "no I don't want to."
Because it's mine.
My body is mine.
It's not about the clothes anyway.
I've been told it's about the power.
I'm sorry you have to hurt 
someone to feel powerful.
I'm sorry that when you look 
inside there is darkness.
But, my body is mine.
My body is mine.
I'm tired of people taking advantage of others. 
Yes, I know it happens to men too.
I'm tired of being scared walking 
down the street at night.
I'm tired of wondering if I will 
get harassed today, touched today, 
used today, abused today.
My body is mine.
My body is mine, not yours.
So be respectful, because that's all we want.
When we say no it means no.
It doesn't mean we are teasing you.
So hands off the merchandise.
Because my body is mine.

28 thoughts on “My Body Is Mine

  1. Yes it was all about power and suppressed voices. Things are changing. But they won’t change with helpless silence and dumb surrender.

    My body is mine. This realisation is worth fighting for with every ounce of strength.

  2. This really beautiful in a simple way. The repetition makes stronger the idea that “my body is mine”. I feel like sometimes, the “why” behind sexual harassment and rape is never discussed; adding that extra facet made a difference.

  3. Great poem! It’s so important to be the voice for people who cannot speak up. I hope to see things change for the better, and see men taught to respect women and to respect their bodies. Men should be taught that women have the right to say “no” rather than just women being taught how to “not get raped.”

    Thank you for writing this. 🙂

      1. I’ve taken a look at your about page and I thought it was an awesome read! I think that it was interesting to read the things that you’ve been through and it is an intense topic but you put in some humour as well! I really enjoyed it! It’s probably one of my favourite about pages! 🙂

  4. I’m going to send this to my mother. I know she’ll appreciate it. She’s one of the strongest people I know. She’s having surgery today and could use a smile. Happy International Women’s Day! Pity it was held on DST. It seems women can get screwed out of daylight, too!

    1. I hope that everything goes well with your mother! I’m honored that you’ve decided to share this with such an important person in your life! Thank you so much for commenting and making my day! 🙂

      1. Of course! Glad I made you smile. I’ve followed you. Check out my site when you get the chance!

  5. Beautiful, yet strong. Women’s body and personal space issues are important to me. I started off my blog with the March challenge prompts that focus on women’s history month and the #womenslives initiative. Please peep over and tell me what you think. Thanks!

  6. Great poem. I’m involved in helping to facilitate a three day workshop on domestic violence for Master of Family Studies students and while your poem isn’t specifically about domestic violence, it still resonates with some of the themes we are exploring. We often think about domestic violence as being about physical violence when it is really about coercive controlling violence. I think your poem captures the all too common experience of too many women and girls. Thanks.

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