It’s My Fault You Have Bad Dreams.

It’s my fault you have bad dreams. I ruined your naivety. I pulled out your innocence to try to save my own. You know, it’s really hard to be so corrupted. I didn’t do this to myself though. Someone came along and blackened my view of everything too. I’m sorry that I stumbled upon you.

I didn’t mean to damage everything in my path. That’s just what I’ve grown up on. This is what I’ve been told to do. I was recruited into the darkness without ever being taught how to get out. They expressed that I was important. That my mission was special. My confidence was stolen. I’m just trying to get it back by making you feel hollow like me.

I took everything from you. I took your happiness and now you are left with an empty soul. I wish I could say that I’m full but I want more. So I will take from another and another. But what you see isn’t everything because someone keeps taking from me.

Please don’t leave. I need you. We both make each other feel dead inside but then again nothing makes us feel alive so just stay. Maybe keep me warm for a night. Help me get rid of my ghosts for a night and help me dream of what life was like before. When my innocence was contained by the people around me. I used to be forced to cover my ears but now I can hear everything. And now you can too.

Welcome, here is your number, forget about your name. Don’t forget to open your eyes and take your hands away from your ears. This is what life is really like. And remember to leave your soul and smile at the door.


12 thoughts on “It’s My Fault You Have Bad Dreams.

  1. I like this it’s full of hurt, and truth. It’s not cheap, it cuts to the bone, and leaves you holding your wound with a smile of knowing other people hurt just like you.

  2. This is beautiful. It can be relevant to so many different things. I know personally it caught me right off the bat, and I was hooked. I agree with a comment made earlier, it’s hauntingly beautiful.
    I really enjoy all of your writing! Please check mine out, I would LOVE some feedback.

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