Hello, Dead Eyes.

Hello, dead eyes.
You’re not doing well.
The darkness is inside,
I’m surprised you couldn’t tell.

Hello, tired eyes.
You know you cannot hide.
Sleep, you will find.
The monsters will have their time.

Hello, restless eyes.
Your stares will not be denied.
The beast is not kind.
Try not to lose your mind.

Hello, beautiful eyes.
You’re now in your prime.
How vain you are cannot be defined.
Your stars will never align.

Hello, soulful eyes.
Out of the dozen you’re the dime.
You cannot be confined.
You help us unwind.

Hello, caring eyes.
You’re the one that binds.
That love is hard to find.
Only your eyes shine.

Picture: http://robertlpeters.com/news/2010/06/page/3/


She Sits Alone.

She is five
She sits alone
Under the tree
Wishing for a friend
Waiting patiently

She is 15
She sits alone
Under the bleachers
Wishing for a boy
Waiting patiently

She is 25
She sits alone
In the cafe
Wishing for a man
Waiting patiently

She is 35
She sits alone
On the porch
Wishing for a ring
Waiting patiently

She is 55
She sits alone
In her apartment
Wishing for a friend
Waiting patiently

She is 75
She sits alone
In her rocking chair
Wishing for a smile
Waiting patiently

She is 85
She lays alone
In her bed
Wishing she had someone
to hold her hand
Waiting patiently for the end.

Picture: http://www.wrinklypedia.com/articles/meditation/