She Sits Alone.

She is five
She sits alone
Under the tree
Wishing for a friend
Waiting patiently

She is 15
She sits alone
Under the bleachers
Wishing for a boy
Waiting patiently

She is 25
She sits alone
In the cafe
Wishing for a man
Waiting patiently

She is 35
She sits alone
On the porch
Wishing for a ring
Waiting patiently

She is 55
She sits alone
In her apartment
Wishing for a friend
Waiting patiently

She is 75
She sits alone
In her rocking chair
Wishing for a smile
Waiting patiently

She is 85
She lays alone
In her bed
Wishing she had someone
to hold her hand
Waiting patiently for the end.


26 thoughts on “She Sits Alone.

  1. Wow, this is heartrending and memorable. A true story for too many. I’ll take away the importance to wish and wait but to do so while acting, moving; don’t sit.

  2. Enjoyed your poem and the photo fit perfectly. When I got to the end of the poem, I figured that sounded like me someday at that age. I can see myself there alone.

  3. Heart-breaking one!! :”( Loved the poem but would have wanted a better end!! Though that’s the bitter truth!! Hey, also check out my blog — New to blogging, so would require some advice, and i won’t mind if it’s against my blog, just wanna hear the truth!! Thanks and have a good day!! 😀

  4. This poem has such an agonising truth to it- it is difficult to read as we all have the potential to be in a similar position in life. Really enjoyed your writing style here!

  5. This is absolutely wonderful! I relate to this so much. As sad as it is, I often fear this will be my life. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. This was so beautifully written: simple at first glance, but with a poignant message which is revealed upon closer inspection. I loved how each stanza was structured similarly, which (for me) emphasized how the girl’s loneliness remained the same throughout her years, in spite of the changes in what she longed for throughout her life. The repetition of your line “Waiting patiently” again emphasized the repetitiveness of her loneliness, and was brought into a tragic spotlight when you changed it as the last line… Wow. Just wow. There is SO much going on here and I LOVE it.

    I’d really appreciate any feedback you’d have on an older similarly-themed poem on my blog:

    Thank you so much!

    1. Wow thank you so much! I really am glad you enjoyed reading it! I really wanted to emphasize peoples fear of being alone and not allowing yourself to ever really tell people what you want and just letting every moment pass you by. I will definitely check out your poem!

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