Hello, Dead Eyes.

Hello, dead eyes.
You’re not doing well.
The darkness is inside,
I’m surprised you couldn’t tell.

Hello, tired eyes.
You know you cannot hide.
Sleep, you will find.
The monsters will have their time.

Hello, restless eyes.
Your stares will not be denied.
The beast is not kind.
Try not to lose your mind.

Hello, beautiful eyes.
You’re now in your prime.
How vain you are cannot be defined.
Your stars will never align.

Hello, soulful eyes.
Out of the dozen you’re the dime.
You cannot be confined.
You help us unwind.

Hello, caring eyes.
You’re the one that binds.
That love is hard to find.
Only your eyes shine.

Picture: http://robertlpeters.com/news/2010/06/page/3/

15 thoughts on “Hello, Dead Eyes.

  1. wow – I am humbled – I will play your poem on a piano…from me to you – Hope you will enjoy the melody and my piano…

  2. I really like Dead Eyes. It’s dead on and very well written. Your blog is very good and well done. You said in the community pool that you were willing to help others with their blogs. Would you be willing to do an audit of my blog? I’ve not been feeling well this year and haven’t blogged much. I see I’ve lost a lot of readers. Let me know. Thanks.

    1. Helly Kerry! I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you quicker my internet has been finicky! I would be interested but I have no idea how to do an audit or where to start!

      1. I must have asked the wrong person. I thought you left a comment under someone’s name who said they had experience doing this. WP blogged awhile back saying that people should get together and take a look at each other’s blogs and make suggestions. I wanted someone who was knowledgeable about themes and setting them up to to my audit. Is this something you would be interested in? I love your material at your site. Let me do some checking and find the link to WP’s article on this when I get back to my computer. I’m on my iPhone right now. Thanks.

  3. Bianca;
    First of all thanks a lot for sharing the link of your this beautiful blog in community pool form where I found your blog.
    Today, I have visited your blog, congratulation for creating this wonderful,inspirationa blog
    Hello, dead eyes.
    Hello, tired eyes.
    Hello, restless eyes.
    Hello, beautiful eyes.———Hello, beautiful eyes.———Hello, beautiful eyes.
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    Wishing you all the best……………………

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