I was nominated by Benedict Nicholson to do a freestyle writing challenge. The prompt word was skin. This was really fun it is definitely not my best work but I’ve been in a writing slump recently so this challenge has helped me out! 🙂

You take me
You carry me
You enrapture me
And you trap me

I didn’t ask for this
This mortality
I long to be free
I long for the pain
To dissipate

I wonder why
Why this?
Why couldn’t there
be no physical case to cage me in?
Sometimes, I think life would
be better this way

However, the body is more poetic
Being able to be imperfect
and to have challenges to push us
it allows us to work on ourselves
to better ourselves

Without this case of skin,
Without the flow of blood,
And without the structure of our bones
there would be no pain.

Without the difficulties there would be no redemption
And I wouldn’t appreciate laughter as much
without visualizing the crinkle of
your nose and the gleam of your teeth.
I wouldn’t fully enjoy a kiss without
your lips and I think that would be a sin.
So you’ve helped me fully appreciate my skin.

Time: 7:45
Word Count: 160


4 thoughts on “Skin.

  1. I really like this one! It’s a bit complicated (I feel) but concise, and I love that it ends in a completely different place than where it begun. Really loving what this Free Writing Challenge brings out in poets (:

  2. I like this a lot! Incredible what you can do in 8 minutes isn’t it? Wonderfully honest writing and I’m so glad you took part in it, everyone did such a good job that I challenged, I’m so impressed!

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