Hope The Brightness Finds Itself In You.

You were meant for greatness
But you’re not really sure what that means
Which side will takeover?
Which side will succeed?

Will it be the side that you favour?
The one that gleams.
Or will it be the side that scares you?
When your eyes turn green.

The side that you fear feels oddly comfortable.
It’s always there for you when you stumble.
You like the darkness and its spontaneity.
The way it  wraps you in its harsh melody.
But that’s the side you know you will regret.

So you hope the brightness finds itself in you.
Letting the light take control.
Trying desperately to hold.
The light seems more flimsy.
It flickers.
While the darkness sticks around grimly.
Coating everything,
in a satisfying blanket of black.
The only question is;
Can you go back?


I’m nothing,
I’m air,
let me blow away.
You can’t hold me anyway,
so let me blow away.

I’m air,
so I don’t think you should care.
Why don’t you let me blow away?

I’m nothing, and I
don’t want to do this anymore
so please open up the door
and let me blow away.

I don’t want to make noise.
I want to leave as silently as I came,
no you’re not the one to blame.
It’s me, it’s my shame.

I’m nothing,
I’m air,
So let me blow away.

Picture: unsplash.com