I’m Sick

I’m sick, and I’ll always be sick

A parasite, festering inside

A bloated and protruding stomach


This is what will kill me.

A simple bacteria with a

High sex drive


Multiplying and now it’s visible

I can feel it riding up my throat

No where else to go but out


And I will just sit here, waiting

As it cries out to be fed

“I will starve you” I say.


I smile, an evil look in my eye

It has taken over me

It has sucked all of my energy


And here I will wait.

Upon this hill,

Nervously twirling my hair.


This is where I will die.

This is where I’ll end my time.

With no one here except the bugs,


Eating me from the inside out.

Wondering when my last breath will be.

Is it now?


As it takes over and consumes my heart,

And takes over my brain,

For the first time I’m not afraid.

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